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What Is NightLens®?


NightLens is the brand name for Wave Contact Lens System OrthoKeratology lenses (B&L VST overnight approved). Wave has offered orthoK lenses since 1999 and is the only provider of 100% corneal topography custom orthoKeratology lenses. Visit the Wave web site to learn more.


Who Is Wave Contact Lenses?


Wave has made custom GP lenses exclusively from corneal topography data since 1999; no K readings allowed. Our OrthoK lenses are like no other. Using Scout Topographer, Medmont, or OCULUS Keratograph® and Pentacam® data, Wave Contact Lens Software creates a custom OrthoK lens nearly matching the patient’s peripheral cornea (spherical, toric or aspheric) for the most precisely centered and comfortable fit available. Better centering leads to easier treatment and expands the patient selection population. Visit our website or call 855.655.2020 to schedule an online demonstration.


How Do I Get an Account?


Only providers who are Wave certified and continue to fit a minimum number of lenses to maintain certification may dispense Wave NightLens®. Expansion of the NightLens® provider network is limited to approximately 50 new sites per year. Call 855.655.2020 for details.


Does Wave Make Other Custom Lenses?


Yes. The self-study training you complete to fit NightLens® also applies to fitting Wave single vision, multifocal, semi scleral, keratoconus and other GP lens styles. Visit the Wave web site to learn more.


How Does Wave Help Me?


Wave provides Wave Design Software, (call 855.655.2020 for details), training, clinical support and more. Consumer advertising is ongoing and growing. This NightLens® web site for patients also generates inquiries directly to your mailbox or website.


Nationwide network


Wave’s NightLens® Therapy Network promotes the power of OrthoK to the community with hundreds of practices promoting a single brand. A nationwide brand offers obvious advantages over generic ‘OrthoK’ lenses. Patients driven to use our provider network map (with sites around the world) to find the closest of hundreds of locations of NightLens® providers. Patients benefit when you can assure that NightLens® providers with standardized methods are available in case they relocate or wish to refer a friend or relative.


Grow your practice


OrthoKeratology and the temporary reduction of myopia is a proven path for practice growth. Add the benefit of Wave's additional lens design capabilities and you can be well on your way to a stronger specialty lens practice.

Call 855.655.2020 or email.