What Is NightLens Therapy?

How Much Visual Correction Can NightLens Correct?   Only your provider can answer this question. It depends on the results of your initial exam. But you can be confident that the great majority of patients find relief quickly, usually overnight. During the initial wear schedule your results may fade as the day progresses. But ultimately you should plan on clear vision till the end of the day.


How Long Does It take to See the Benefits?  Typically a patient can see the effects of NightLens therapy overnight. Every eye is different and the speed of results often depend on the age of the patient and the amount of vision correction.


Is it Safe?  The technical name of the NightLens.therapy is OrthoKeratology. The method, available for decades, is safe and effective when used as directed.


Where Can I Get NightLens?   Only providers who are Wave certified may dispense Wave NightLens. And they must continually maintain their  certification status. This insures the highest level of skill to our patients. Other doctors may dispense OrthoKeratology lenses, but only doctors highly trained to use our design software dispense NightLens.

While there are others that provide OrthoKeratology lenses, NightLens is different. Everyone knows what a finger print is, but did you know your eye has a 'finger print' of its own?And just as each finger has its own print, so does each of your eyes.


NightLens therapy providers actually capture a digital image of your corneas to create a "finger print" map (right) of your cornea. Your doctor is trained to use Wave Contact Lens Design software to custom design a lens that perfectly fits your eye and your needs. Other brands are "off the shelf".  Doesn't it make more sense to trust your vision to a lens computer designed to match your eye's unique shape?

Can NightLens Keep My Myopia From Getting Worse?   Perhaps. Learn more about myopia control here.

Why Select NightLens ?

  • Computer designed just for your eyes.
  • Only OrthoKeratology lens made 100% from corneal "eye prints".
  • Custom lenses are more comfortable.
  • Only select, specially trained doctors provide NightLens.
  • Fitting patients since 1999.
  • Quick replacements for broken or lost lenses.